New OpenRTB 2.3 Support

#1 Programmatic Ad Exchange

AFFIED IS A PREMIUM AD EXCHANGE with modern ad tech. We deliver measurable, viewable, high impact ads for brands, agencies, and publishers looking to maximize ROI.


Affied is a transparent quality ad exchange

We are always innovating our world class ad tech with more and better solutions

OpenRTB Exchange

Our advanced OpenRTB Platform features advanced fraud technology. Our ecosystem is connected to DSPs, Advertisers, SSPs, Publishers and App Developers.

Display Solutions

Using advanced machine learning and our business savvy we tailor create custom solutions which help us achieve the unique requirements of our clients.

Video Solutions

Reach your audience with our innovational multi-device video technology. We offer a premium, all-inclusive, brand-safe marketplace across CTV, Apps, Desktop and Mobile Web.

Programmatic Ad Stack Exchange

Affied offers many innovative solutions for Advertisers, Agencies, and Publishers

Advertising made easy

We have developed the easy to use AdConsole® where advertisers can run campaigns

Create Campaigns

Manage Campaigns

Full Control Targeting

Fund Your Account Instantly


World Class Monetization

We are experts at monetizing your ad space for websites, apps, and connected devices. Integration methods include JavaScript, XML, SDK, oRTB.

Native Ads

Banner Ads

Video Ads

Popup Ads

Push Notification Ads